The Selfie bit

Hi there,

And welcome to Brexitland, my point of view and eyewitness account of the catastrophe that is unfolding.

As to me, I’m Jill of (almost) all trades but still learning about Life, Universe, and Everything. I’m human, that means I have opinions, make mistakes and am far from perfect. So far I’ve been a trained journalist, historian, and freelance writer, still am a Sci-Fi geek and horror buff, with an interest in Single Malts and travels. Oh, and I read a lot. Which in some situations makes me a nerd, but hey, I’d like to blame that on my education. I’m also a European, living in Scotland after detours in Ireland & Canada and trying to figure out what’s next. Just like everybody else, I guess.

If there’s something wrong with this site, or some links are broken, or you just want to say hello, you can email me here: contact.

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The Selfie bit